Amy Winehouse – You Sent Me Flying

Tom:   A#

Gm7                   Am7 A7  Dm
Lent you  out- si-  daz   and my new Badu

Bb7+                      Am7         A7                     Dm
While you was    thinking    I  didn’t have  a    clue

Gm7           Am7  A7       Dm
Tough  to  sort   files,   with your voice in my head

Bb7+                      Am7            A7                                     Dm
So then I   bribed  you  downstairs with a marlboro  red

Bridge 1:

Gm7                        A7                      Dm
So now I feel so small discover – ing  you  knew

Gm7                                A7                                         Dm
How much more tor – ture would  you have   put me through?

Gm7                        A7                  Dm
You  probably  saw  me   laughing   at   all your jokes

Gm7                     A7                       Dm
Or  how  I   did not   mind when you  stole  all   my  smokes, yeah

Chorus 1:   

Fm7                            Eb7+                   Gº  G7          Cm7
And  although  my  pride  is  not   easy   to   dis – turb, yeah

Fm7                                          G7    Gº                 G7        Cm7
You sent  me flying  when your   kicked  me   to  the kerb

Fm7                              E7+                        G7          Cm7
With  your  battered  jeans,  yeah  and your    beastie  tee

Fm7                                E7+                        Gº       G7             Cm7
Now I can’t work  like  this,  no, no,   with  you  next  to   me, yeah, yeah

Verse 2:

Fm7                             Am7   A7    Dm
And  although   he’s   no – thing    in    the  scheme   of my years

Bb7+                  Am7         A7             Dm
It just serves to bludgeon  my  futile  tears

Gm7               Am7      A7             Dm7
And I’m  not  used to this, no, no,  I   observe, yeah I don’t chase

Bb7+                                     Am7           A7                  Dm
But  now  I’m sick  with consequences   thrust  in  my face, yeah

Bridge 2:

Gm7              A7                       Dm
And  the  melodramas   of  my  day  de – livery  blows

Gm7                   A7            Dm
That  surpass your re – jection, it  just  goes to show

Gm7                    A7                             Dm
A  simple attraction   that   reflects  right  back  to me

Gm7                  A7                 Dm
So  I’m not as  into  you  as  I ap – pear to be, yeah

Chorus 2:

Fm7                   Eb7                   Gº   G7         Cm7
Although my pride  is  not  easily   dis – turb,  yeah

Fm7                    Eb7+                     Gº    G7           Cm7
You sent  me  flying when  you  kicked  me  to  the  kerb

Fm7                              Eb7+         Gº    G7                    Cm7

With your  battered   jeans,  yeah and your   beastie   tee, yeah

Fm7                               Eb7+               Gº    G7                 Cm7

Now I can’t work like  this,  no,  with you   next to  me, yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 3:

Gm7                                     Am7            A7   Dm
His  message  was  bru – tal  but t he delivery was kind

Bb7+                        Am7                A7      Dm
Maybe if    I  get  this   down  I’ll  get it   off  my  mind, yeah

Gm7                                 Am7        A7  Dm
Oh, it serves to con – dition   me   and smoothen  my  kinks, yeah

Bb7+                       Am7                       A7                  Dm
Despite my frus – tration  for  the  way  that  he  thinks

Bridge 3:

Gm7                       A7                                     Dm
And I knew the truth,  when  it  came, would be to  that  effect

Gm7                                   A7                        Dm
At  least  you’re  attracted   to  me  which  I  did  not  expect

Gm7                         A7                           Dm
Didn’t  think  you´d   get  my  number  down as  such

Gm7              A7                                 Dm
But  I  never  hated   myself   for  my  age  so much, yeah

Chorus 3:

Fm7                                Eb7+              Gº   G7         Cm7
And although   my  pride  is  not   easy   to  dis – turb, yeah

Fm7                 Eb7+                       Gº               G7          Cm7
You sent me flying, oh when you kicked me   to  the  kerb

Fm7                                       Eb7+           Gº             G7          Cm7
So with your battered   jeans,   yeah  and  your    beastie     tee

Fm7                                       Eb7+             Gº   G7               Cm7
Now I can’t work   like   this,  no, no, with  you   next  to  me, yeah

Chorus 4:

Fm7                           Eb7+                Gº  G7            Cm7
And  although  my  pride  is  not  easy    to   dis – turb, yeah

Fm7                   Eb7+                            Gº     G7                 Cm7
You  sent  me  flying, oh when you kicked   me   to  the  curb

Fm7                                Eb7+            Gº    G7                    Cm7
So with your battered jeans, yeah   and  your   beastie    tee

Fm7                                     Eb7+      Gº  G7            Cm7
Now I can´t work like  this    with you   next   to  me


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